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    Treatment of potable water for disinfection has traditionally been achieved by the processes of chlorination and dechlorination. However, the dependence of chlorine treatment efficiency on several factors such as pH, temperature and presence pf interfering radicals - is well known.
    However, the addition of chlorine is also known to produce toxic carcinogenic by-products, such as chlorocarbons. Though a traditional favorite with treatment process designers and users, awareness regarding harmful effects of chlorine have now begun to sink in.
    In this scenario photolysis emerges as the best and the most eco-friendly way to disinfect domestic water supplies without the hazards of toxic by-products.
    Compact system construction reduces space requirements to less than a third of that required for conventional chlorination equipment, besides, offering flexibility of upgradation to higher treatment volume with additional modules. Does not leave any free residuals that would require further treatment.

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