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    As effluent recycling moves from recycling for irrigation to more productive end uses in the manufacturing process, the need for purer water and better and more efficient processes gains importance.
    One of the critical processes for recycling secondary treated effluents is reduction in the total dissolved solids using reverse osmosis process. To ensure uniform and consistent process performance, it is essential to remove the contaminants that could deter the membrane performance and reduce its life.
    One of such critical contaminants for limiting membrane performance is the presence of organic in wastewater represented by COD/BOD as they are capable of fouling the membrane porosity permanently, causing irreversible damage.
    COD/BOD reduction can be achieved by adding one of the many oxidants, like chlorine, however, membrane tolerance for free residual is negligible. Hence the process of chlorination and subsequent dechlorination have to be well synchronized and monitored to achieve negligible chlorine residuals in the downstream.
    Photolysis for COD reduction provides a safe and effective alternate as a pretreatment for membrane processes. With no chemical addition photolysis also ensures a disinfected feed to membrane process. Being a physical process photolysis does not add any contaminants and does not generate any toxic by products.


    Electronics industry requires high purity water, for washing semi-conductor, PCB washing and washing off excess coating from picture tubes. Special membrane process followed by mixed bed deionization is required to achieve such low conductivity in water (18 megaohm).
    Pharmaceutical industry uses special grade water prescribed by the standards of the United States Pharmacoepia and Indian Pharmacoepia.
    The conductivity limits prescribed by the USP monograph requirements state a conductivity of < 1.3 microsiemens/cm (on-line) at 25°C as per USP24 PW monograph.
    Systems for production of high purity water for electronics and pharmaceutical industries are designed and engineered by Wytewater ™ using a combination of membrane and or ion exchange processes.

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