Wytewater Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Wytewater™  has been incorporated with a vision to “Save That Drop of Water”. we believe in Total Water Management by water conservation and recycling rather than a piece–meal approach to water and wasterwater related problems.
    Wytewater™  Technologies is a professionally managed group with a turnover more than 10 million of rupees.Located in Pune, Wytewater™  Technologies has a fully equipped facility for assembly and testing of various plants and systems besides separate storage facility for costly and long delivery spares, required for normal operation of any treatment plant.

   To be in the business of eco and environment friendly technologies - which do not convert one form of pollution into another but into harmless basic elements - to be with nature and to achieve the same with total water management, conservation, recycle and reuse.

    When you look at waste water - look at it as a potential resource that can be harvested

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