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   Complex organic molecules contribute to non biodegradable COD in wastewater;where conventional technologies fail, photochemical Oxidation fills in the gap.
   Photochemical oxidation us a generic name for a family of Oxidation Technologies that use high intensity ultraviolet radiation in conjunction with standard oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine and ozone to achieve greatly increased treatment performance over that obtained with oxidant addition alone.
   Photochemical oxidation is a lethal weapon in itself without the use of oxidant. The principle is derived from ultraviolet radiation in the sun. When UV rays in the suns light can alter the cell growth in humans, why canít UV rays in a more controlled environment enhance rate of degradation of organics found in water and wastewater.
   Having characterized several effluents generated from different industries, photochemical oxidation has emerged as a viable and efficient technology for elimination of organics from water and wastewater streams.
Some of the products based on photochemical oxidation
  Sewage Recycling   Coolant Recovery
  Cyanide Destruction   Chilling center effluents
  Pretreatment for COD Reduction   Chlorine Destruction Ė potable water systems

    Membranes are used for a wide variety of applications both in processing of raw water and as final treatment of wastewater for recycling.
    Suitably designed membrane processes are very effective in achieving the desired separation from the water be it salt or a high molecular weight organic. Critical to the design of membrane processes is an adequate and appropriate pretreatment for sustained performance.
    With several areas of application, membrane processes have an unlimited scope from Ultra filtration for whey fractionation to WFI grade water for the pharmaceutical industry.
Some of the products based on membrane processes:
  Metal Recovery Systems
  Coolant Recovery
  High Purity Water

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